Конкурс "Мое Средиземье"

Автор: Darkelv
Название работы: The Tale Of Fatiri (История Фатири)

Я не мог написать рассказ на Русском языке потому что имею больший опыт написания рассказов на английском языке чем на русском. Я живу в Америки достаточно долгое время и использую Английский в повседневной жизни. Сия работа была написана мною на Английском. Многие из имен и названий в рассказе взяты из Властелина Колец Толкина. Большинство посетителей сайта (включая Николая Перумова), я уверен, знают английский и смогут понять содержание моего рассказа.

          In the wold of changes coming,
There's still hope that stands afoot,
There the rider with great banner
Rides the morning and brings good,
Though the light will pass forever
But the world will always have
Hope and honor which hold all of
Minds of us,
They never fall
To the shadow of the darkness
To the shadow of our own.

            The age of men was coming to the world. Almost all of the elves have desserted the Middle-earth and kingdoms of Arnor, Rohan, and Gondor were in great power. The last of Istari have sailed from the Grey Havens. And the Earth started to change and turn into what it will be in twelve thousands of years. The Fourth Age was coming to the end. The Fifth age was about to come. The age of Men. Other speakin races will no more have any power on the continents. The White tree is still standing in Minas-Tirith and the King of mark is sitting on his golden throne. Passing of Olmer came in the middle of the age. Now it was the seven hundred's year after the start of the Fourth age. Cirdan the Shipwright  was still in the Grey Havens, but the last of the ships were to go in the next several dozens of years. The dwarves have were hiding in their mines, and each day there becomes fewer and fewer of them. The world is changing, and noone could foretell what will those changes bring. Bad or good.


            Cirdan felt uneasy. He did not want to leave the land of Middle-earth in which he lived most of his etternal life, but what would he do in the new world of men? He asked himself that question every day since the start of the Fourth Age. Very soon, all of the Firstborn from the Forest of the Green Leaves will travel to the Undying lands. Most of Cirdan's own elves already asking to leave. Very soon, men will understand that they now are masters of their own life and lands. They will try to destroy everything that does not belong in the new world I which they live. Dwarves were already hiding beneath the mountains, trying to make no contact with the Big people. Hobbits were now living in the same cities with humans and even mate with them. Soon they will disappear and become humans. Cirdan was trying to sleep, but the memories of the glorious past chased him from having rest. Finally he slept. Some say, they elves do not need sleep and this is partly true, but at least one in a month a Quenia have to take a rest. He saw a dream. He dreamed about machines that could fly and others that could do swim. He traveled to the houses that as tall as a mountain. He saw Men inside of them. Thousands of them. He knew that it is the future of the world of men, without the Firstborn to guide them. He woke up. He knew that he should leave in a month. And he will do as he told the Valar.

Month was just enough time to make a ship. He knew that all of the Firstborn had to leave soon. He wondered about why Valar made the Firstborn return to the West in the first place. He knew that after defeat of The Great Enemy, Firstborn were no more needed to guide the men. But the prediction proved false after the new enemy came, and his name was Olmer of Dale. That time, the Middle Earth was saved by accident and not wholy, as the great destruction have befallen the world. Cirdan was very tired. Although he slept, he felt all the burden of the passed centuries atop of him. He will leave as soon as he could. After the disaster that was brought upon the Forbitten Lands Olmer of Dale and his company, the Valars have recontructed the land in just two centuries. The only great loss was that a lot of immortal elven souls were lost forever. Now Valar have put even more restrictions upon the Lands.

Cirdan called five dozens of his people. He told them what he thought of the Middle-Earth's fate.

"You shall stay in the land of the mortals for dozen dozens of centuries"he told his men.

The meaning of his words reached to their minds like lightning. They knew most of them will never see Valinor. They knew that Valar knew all and saw all and reached into each mind and they knew what their creations thought. They never thought about not obeying Cerdan's words. He was an elven lord. Higher were only the Lords of the Land to the West.

"All of you will get highest honors and giftes upon you return!" The Shipwright was telling them .

"If you will return" he whispered deftly. Only one of the elves could hear his words and those words will stay in his heart untill the day of his death upon the stars of tis world.

Cirdan had to leave some of his people to stay in the Middle-Earth to watch upon the Men. He will call them out in several centuries. They will not stay on this Earth for too long. Maybe then he will send other people here instead of those brave. They only thing that he was afraid of was that they will not want to leave and like him will want to stay in the Middle-Earth for a long time. Longer than etternity.



When Cirdan went to the Lands, elves left the Grey Havens and the Fifth Age have started. They built a fortress in the forest of Lorien, where in the past a great elven kingdom had been. And so they lived, watching the Men and never letting themselves be seen. In five centuries, the continent of Middle-Earth began to split up into several smaller land-masses. During the ages, elves multiplyed. Now there were at least two hundreds of them. They watched the race of hobbits disappear. They watched the Great kingdoms of Men being split up and they wondered why Valar did not do anything to stop it. They were in close contact with dwarves that too, lived on the same continent with them. There was one kindom of Joram on their land. On the continent which they called Fatiri. There were good Men living in it. That kindom reminded them of the kingdom of Gondor in the past long ago.

Now, it was three dozens of centuries since the start of the Fourth Age and the Quenia wondered why Valar had not brought them back to the Valinor. They felt uneasy now, but still in love with the land they lived in. They thought that the time have not yet come for them to return. The dwarves were trading with humans, but gave an oath not to tell anything about elves to the Men. And so the ages passed, but still the elves had no message from the Gods of the world. They started to think of themselves building a ship and leaving for Valinor, but the promised dozen of dozens of centuries have not yet passed, so they never thought of the idea again for some ammount of time. And so the kindom of Joram became a great empire and sent its ships all the way to the nearest continent. They conquered more and more countries during the centuries.

As the empire of Joram sent its forces on the new continent, new powers began to awaken after milleniums of sleep. Under tons of stone, have a mighty demon slept. He became the next Great Enemy. The demon, who was an ancient servant of Morgoth the Fallen, like Sauron, have corrupted the ruler of the empire of Hondir (in one of the other languages, Gondor, the great empire of the past). King Koramel the Third, a yoing ruler of Hondir. lived under the spell of the dark powers and all of his decisions were made by the awakened overlord. The empire of Joram moved farther and farther upon the world, and they have reached the second mighty power, the empire of Hondir. So a great war have started upon that time and great many heads have been severed on the great battlefields of the Fifth age of the world. The war have been going on for thiry and three years. At last the demon counceled Koramel to use the great powers that have been hidden beyond the river Kor-munu (in the past Anduin) to win the war. The lifeless land of Mordor have lied there long time ago and still no tree or grass could grow on that land. And the demon showed to the king the knowledge of the ancient darkness and was the king was fully corrupted He traveled across the rive and found the forgotten land of Mordon. There the demo showed him where the ancient scrolls of Power have lied for thousands of years. In those scrolls were spells that could bring great darkness and destruction. And he then he finally used them to end the war and indeed it ended of which the next paragraph is telling.

And land have cried in horror. The elves have heard the earth and they knew of the new evil that have come upon the world. Once again they wondered why Valar have never put an end to the evil and sent the Istari to the world again. But then decided to travel to the West themselves and tell the other Quenia and the Valar of world. They built a ship and sailed it away from land and from the water. And then they saw they the great evil happen in the Earth. The powers of ancient dark have filled the land and now waves were filling the land of Fatiri untill you could not see it among the water. And all that lived in there died and what stood have falllen. As the great land of Numenor once fell, so did the new land Fatiri or in the language of men, Atlantis. The land will forver be under water, but even in tens og thousands of years there will still be a legend of the land that went underwater. The last of the dwarves have died with the land. And was the soil of the Middle-Earth unhappy and it destroyed the land where Hondir have stood, and at the same time with Atlantis, it disappeared among the waves. But the enemy survived and he was called Hunar, or in the language of men, the Devil.

They knew that it was too late for them to stop the destructionAnd elves have sailed among the oceans to the West.  They have sailed for one hundred days and one hundred nights and never found even a sign of the Valinor. They sang the ancient elven songs. They looked to the west and saw only water and nothing else. They understood that Valar have left the world for humans to control and live on. And no more there is place for The Firstborn in there. And they wept. Then a hand of light grasped from the sky and took them above, where thy will belong. And no more elves have ever lived in Middle-Earth again. and so the Fofth age have ended and started the sixth age in which we live right now. And six continents have been left on which the Men still live and now they call it not the Middle-Earth but just Earth.